finetunes was founded with the goal to offer an independent solution for the digital distribution of non-physical media and to developed its own B-to-C e-commerce sales channel.

The finetunes-team combines extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of label management, programming and marketing / promotion. The goal, establishing the areas of content aggregation, technical processing, online distribution to big third party shops („Point of Sales“) and its own download platform was achieved in early 2004.

Meanwhile, finetunes is one of Europe’s largest digital distributors of music, leading European DSP service providers and one of the few suppliers of licensable music download store technology. The business fundamentals are unique proprietary software technologies (Mass encoding software, Digital Warehouse, label Admin software, web shop, contenthub etc.), in conjunction with a comprehensive roster of independent labels. In addition, finetunes offers a full-service solution that allows third parties to offer a „white label“ music download store. This effectively making finetunes the leading technology and content provider for exploitation of license rights in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world!

Although finetunes is supplying tier1-retailers (including iTunes and Amazon), this is not in contradiction to the Independent affinity of finetunes / finetunes-licensors, but also opens up for the „Indies“ large commercial sales channels with appropriate income opportunities.

For those tier1-retailers, finetunes acts as a clearing house for digital media assets / licenses, so that those do not have to cope with that many licensors – but only one: finetunes!

Creative Talents is resp. was the artist-centered distribution extension of finetunes. Established and especially emerging artists get a complete solution to distribute their music directly to all digital platforms, keeping the maximum of royalties. Of course the administration of publishing rights via ROYKIT is a very interesting option, emerging as well as established artists, should have an eye on.
ROYKIT is the music-publishing extension of its older digital-distribution sister, finetunes. As a tech-driven, innovative and digital independent music publisher ROYKIT is committed to administer the composition-rights as efficiently as possible.

More & Faster

Maximizing income streams and revenue for writers is the target we are focussing on. ROYKIT has been started because we are realising so many issue especially in the digital usage of music where writers income streams are not really covered in the best way due to lack of technology, metadata or parts-of-penny reporting ressources. We started the company for the same reasons we founded finetunes 10 years ago:

fighting the disadvantage of writers realising that many of the traditional practices of copyright administration were too slow and inefficient as well. Thats why we try to build the best licensing & adminsitration house on the back of our knowledge of digital revenue streams and Interface-communication leading to the fastest and most robust statements in times where even mechanical association struggling in delivering this key-element to its writers and publishers.

We are still early to adapt our administration and backend systems to these challenges the digital world are bringing and work closely with organizations like soundexchange and many others around the world to trace, claim and pay fair compensation also for online usages of their music to writers and corporate partners.


The development and maintenance of close networks with television, film, ad and game producers, music labels and producers is important for our development.


For compositions distributed by roykit we can use your finetunes Distribution sales data to audit the societies and digital stores to ensure you get all the money you’ve earned.


You receive quarterly detailed royalty statements post to your roykit account.

Founded in 2011, Cargo Digital Services GmbH combines know-how of the digital market and state-of-the-art web tools with the experience of an established physical distributor. The dedicated staff at Cargo Digital focuses on close relationships with its digital partner platforms in order to generate attention for its releases and label partners and maximize visibility in the digital world. Cargo Digital works with more than 450 digital platforms, from major platforms like itunes, Amazon, Musicload and Spotify to specialized shops like Beatport, Boomkat, Juno and regional services like Deezer (France), Musicload (GSA), WiMP (Scandinavia), rdio (US) and iMusica (Latin America).

Presenting & Promoting

Cargo Digital focuses on presenting and promoting digital releases to all relevant media partners. From Label of the Month campaigns to exclusive Deluxe Editions, from exclusive pre-listenings to video premieres Cargo Digital is keen on making releases visible to all music lovers.

Content Management

The easy to handle Label Admin helps to put in and update meta data easily for all releases from an office or any internet connected PC. The Content Hub enables to upload audio to Cargo Digital Services server fast and securely. The Promotool allows its retail partners as well as registered journalists to browse through the digital catalogue and listen to the music. Clients can enhance their highlight releases with promo results, sales facts, video links, tour dates and artist profiles…

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