SendR was a digital distributor and license exploitation enabler. Thus SendR enabled the non-physical exploitation of appr. more than a million media assets (audio- and video-tracks) at about 140 licensees (including Apple iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, YouTube etc.). The services offered covered the entire value chain for the digital media (esp. audio and video) contents. Thereby its affiliate companies were both provider and supplier for artists, record labels, licensed digital services providers and private consumers.

In essence, the business model consisted in aggregating license-rights (contracting with rights-holders such as creators, authors, artists and record labels) in prospect to distribute and exploit these licenses and getting a share on that revenue. In this sense SendR (through its affiliates) categorized as an aggregator, digital warehouse and clearinghouse.

The operational business of SendR was mainly and historically carried out through finetunes GmbH, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Germany in December 2003. The following are important milestones in the history of the Group’s corporate and operational development:

December 2003
Incorporation of finetunes GmbH after the founders having works some time “garage-style” on a solution for independent labels to be able to sell their content (music) online. finetunes starts as the first independent download stare for music in Germany. The initial solution for that is based on a client server model (as iTunes still is) and also included a digital rights management system.

Early 2004
Achievement of a proprietary download platform. After having worked with several licensors it appeared that licensors not only express a demand for digitizing their content but also needed to use that digitized content for distribution to other points of sale.

This distribution aspect becomes more and more the main source of revenues making finetunes one of the first distributors of music/ media in Germany also taking in the role of a clearing house for the licensees rights. As an illustration finetunes was one of the first European companies having a direct interface with Apple iTunes back in 2004-2005, before iTunes was even launched in Europe or Germany.

The company built an encoding system to be able to digitize most of Germany’s independent catalogues at that time.

First white-label shops for partners like Shell, Technics etc. have been built. Based on this the first voucher code actions started in Germany for artists and brands like Nokia for example.

Development of possibilities of different configurations of one release due to different digital business models and timelines.

Launch of the intuitive ContentHub and PromoTool.

Start of the “direct-to-fan” bundling service and launch of a real-time sales analysis tool.

Then up until now that business model stayed basically the same:

  • a lot of new licensors have been included (to appr. 2.000) in the distribution
  • meanwhile the distribution model shifted from “A la carte downloads” to “content to rent” (= streaming) and is still shifting.

Acquisition of Phonofile AS

Sale of the main assets of SendR SE, namely finetunes GmbH and Phonofile AS to The Orchard/SONY

Operating Post-Sale duties and starting to plan/envision for new endeavours for SendR SE

SendR SE decided to explore new endeavours in zero emission drives and alternative energy supplies

SendR SE and Clean Logistics GmbH decided to merge.  About Clean Logistics GmbH

The renaming of the company to Clean Logistics SE was officially completed with effect from August 25, 2021


Dirk Graszt

Dirk Graszt

Executive Director (Chairman), Member of the Board of Directors (Vice-Chairman)
(*1964) Dirk Graszt is a logistics and commercial vehicle specialist with a broad background of experience. He is executive director and founder of DGOC GmbH which has stakes in various companies, such as iQuando GmbH and others


Dirk Lehmann

Dirk Lehmann

Chairman of the Board of Directors
(*1963) Dirk Lehmann is a naval architect with extensive experience and expertise. He is founder and co-owner of Höpen GmbH which has stakes in various well-known companies, such as Becker Marine Systems GmbH, DHD Heliservice and others


Arne Toedter

Arne Toedter

Non-executive Member of the Board of Directors
Arne Toedter is a tax advisor and managing partner in SCHLARMANNvonGEYSO in Hamburg, Germany. SCHLARMANNvonGEYSO is a  chancellery for law, taxes and business in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg.


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